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There’s work for everyone. That’s what we believe, and we’re sticking to it.

We prepare our staff to recruit and provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. We even have a Disability Mentoring Day to help talented candidates to find better jobs.

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Women With Disabilities Support All Women
Women With Disabilities Support All Women

Why does accessibility matter to businesses?

Well, it accomplishes quite a bit:

Opens up more opportunities to job seekers
Helps instill more confidence in workers
Opens up more talent to employers
Demonstrates the strengths of disabled talent in the workplace

What People Are Saying

Rated 4.9 of 5

5-Star Rated

Unlocking the potential for women and businesses

Women With Disabilities

By providing me with resources to update my skills and learn the most current technologies, the program has enabled me to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

Maria Claud
Women With Disabilities

After my girls entered the second grade, I began to yearn to work again. In an ad of SAW program, it stated that the candidate must have taken a break of at least two years. It sounded my situation!

Katie Godwin
Women With Disabilities

As I returned to the corporate world, I had many apprehensions. Fortunately, the meetings with the cohort have been extremely beneficial in helping with the transition.

Nadine Petrolli