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It can be challenging to return to work following a career break. You may feel unsure how to proceed, uncertain of how to approach the problem, or unsure whether it is even feasible. We can assist you. We Support Women is committed to aiding you in finding a position at a participating company as quickly as possible by providing you with every opportunity to apply to current vacancies. Essentially, you will be able to communicate with mentors, advisors, get tips and most importantly, receive the support that you need. All We Support Women initiatives are free of charge for returnees.

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    By providing me with resources to update my skills and learn the most current technologies, the program has enabled me to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

    Maria Claud

    After my girls entered the second grade, I began to yearn to work again. In an ad of SAW program, it stated that the candidate must have taken a break of at least two years. It sounded my situation!

    Katie Godwin

    As I returned to the corporate world, I had many apprehensions. Fortunately, the meetings with the cohort have been extremely beneficial in helping with the transition.

    Nadine Petrolli