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How we collaborate with academic institutions 🎓

We cooperate with a lot of businesses to provide STEM students with a plethora of career opportunities. As a result, we want to ensure that your children are fully informed about us and how we can aid them in securing employment possibilities with many of our business partners.

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What can we do to help students?

Employers can submit applications to work with kids through our website
Invitations to a special occasion are being sent out
Working with us provides students with the opportunity to further enhance their abilities
We lay a strong focus on inclusion and diversity
Graduate recruitment professionals with years of experience
Perspectives that are out of the ordinary
Students and institutions can use this service for free to locate potential employees

Helped Over 500 Women

We’ve helped over 500 women in securing jobs at prominent partner firms since the beginning of the year! Our specialized Campus Team interacts closely with different campus departments, from academic leaders to career counselors and department heads.

Attending Campus Events
Holding Campus Presentations
Working with STEM Societies

What People Are Saying

Rated 4.9 of 5

5-Star Rated

Unlocking the potential for women and businesses

By providing me with resources to update my skills and learn the most current technologies, the program has enabled me to seamlessly integrate into the workforce.

Maria Claud

After my girls entered the second grade, I began to yearn to work again. In an ad of SAW program, it stated that the candidate must have taken a break of at least two years. It sounded my situation!

Katie Godwin

As I returned to the corporate world, I had many apprehensions. Fortunately, the meetings with the cohort have been extremely beneficial in helping with the transition.

Nadine Petrolli